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Versatile, affordable, 0.50 mm needle, use it for everything from cake to miniatures etc.
I could walk you through the various branches and choice but most people under most circumstances end up at either a gravity or siphon-feed, dual action, internal mix airbrush.
Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP CS

Iwata has a reputation for producing quality brushes and the Eclipse HP CS is no exception. The Eclipse HP CS remains one of the most popular models and is used by artists who specialize in small or large projects. Ease of use, cleaning and maintaining also make it the best tool for novice to experienced painters alike.
Overall, the comprehensive function of the Eclipse makes it the only airbrush set most artists will ever need.
Paasche TG-3F
Paasche has proudly been in the airbrush business for more than a century and is based in Chicago. The American-made Paasche TG-3F is an incredible value for all that comes in the package.
An enclosed hanger enables you to set the brush down when it is not in use. You also get two wrenches, an instruction manual and a lesson booklet. The TG-3F capably handles any water-based or solvent-based mediums.
Badger Patriot 105

The affordable price makes the Patriot appealing for beginners or professional artists. Patriot 10is the perfect airbrush for everything including auto art, custom painting motorcycles, helmets, fine art, illustrations, T Shirts, models.
The nozzle tip has fewer pieces and is also considerably larger than what is supplied on many models, which makes keeping track of the pieces that much easier. The tip also simply inserts into the device. So you need not worry about thread stripping. The nozzle collar keeps the tip in place.
This airbrushing kit includes a foam-lined plastic case that provides safe and easy storage. A detailed instruction booklet has artists up and going in no time. Badger offers a one-year warranty on the device against manufacturing defects. The PTFE seals and factory labor come with a lifetime warranty. The Patriot 10is an affordable all-around tool.
Control over every possible airbrushing variable.  The more variables you face the harder it is to learn, and the learning curve for airbrushes is steep enough already.
I use this analogy.  Did you learn how to drive in a Formula Racer?  No.  You probably learned how to drive in something street legal.
Internal Mix vs. External Mix

The way the paint hits the air stream is important simply because it changes the way the spray looks when it hits the surface.
Unless you have a good reason to choose external mix you should choose internal mix simply because you get more consistent, more even spray.
Dual Action Airbrush (aka Double Action)
Press down for air.  Pull back for paint.
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 Most people use dual action airbrushes, most techniques are built upon how they work and function.  Also, the manufacturers have accessories to duplicate many of the benefits other gun types offer without sacrificing the benefits dual action offers.
Iwata Airbrush
Iwata positions themselves at the top of the airbrush food chain as a quality airbrush.  The Eclipse CS (gravity feed) and the Eclipse BCS (siphon feed) are the two most popular airbrushes they produce.  I know their customer service and technical support rocks.
Kevin Phillips

Tools and innovations are a part of our everyday life. Every new day innovation is made that eases our work and play. No one could have ever thought of doing a painting without a paintbrush.
But in today’s world, you can do art with. In medieval times, people would squeeze berries into thin pipes and then draw things on the walls by applying pressure on the tubes.
Single Action Airbrush Kits
The single-action airbrush kits work on the principle of the spray guns. You just have to press a button that will spray out the paint, and a knob along with it controls the quantity of the color. The airbrush kit is ideal to be used if you are a beginner.
The paint mixes with the air in front of the needle, so this type of missing is referred to as external mixing, and the airbrush is referred to as external mixing airbrush.
They do not offer precision so they should not be used in paintings where extensive detailing is done.
They provide extensive coverage, and it is difficult to draw straight lines with uniform thickness with the needles of single-action airbrush kits.
This type is the best airbrush for beginners as they are easy to control and operate as compared to the dual action airbrushes.
If you are considering buying the best cheap airbrush kit, the single-action airbrush kits will be your first line choice..
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