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It is one of the fastest growing sports nutrition categories. The main task of pre-workout complexes is to improve the quality of training -

- The number of pre-workout supplements is in the hundreds, so it is important to consider what is included in their composition. Most complexes use:

- Basic stimulants - caffeine, guarana, theobromine and others;

- Donors of nitric oxide (NO) to improve pumping - arginine, citrulline, agmatine;

- Creatine;

- Beta-alanine;

- Components to improve focus and concentration;

- Powerful stimulants of the central nervous system - geranium extract (or analogs), synephrine;

- Yohimbine;

- Plant extracts.

It is important to take into account that such sports nutrition has a powerful effect, therefore the composition and dosage should be selected taking into account the training experience and experience. You should also always read the recommendations for taking supplements on the packaging and strictly follow the dosages indicated by the manufacturer.

- The scope of pre-workout is wide enough, it covers the following disciplines;

- Bodybuilding and fitness;

- Powerlifting, weightlifting and all strength sports;

- CrossFit?;

- Cyclic sports.

Also, the category of pre-workout includes "pampilki". Their main task is to improve pumping by improving blood flow to the muscles. Popular in bodybuilding, contain nitric oxide donors: arginine, citrulline, agmatine and beetroot extract.
-- WikiElkeS? (2021-05-12 16:35:15)