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Life is a complex of events, happenings, emotions and reactions; some of them are good and some of them are not. Something brings a smile, the other takes it away. People got used to feel different emotions during the day, when the mood can change in the twinkling of an eye. There are some things that definitely make one feel bad, things that evoke a sense of irritation, anger or fear, things that cause stress.
Stresses are extremely common nowadays. It is simply a reaction of the nervous system to certain conditions or stimuli. Everyone has his particular stressor, which makes one uncomfortable by all means. Many people are afraid to be underestimated or misunderstood by the environment friends, colleagues, parents or society in general. The social appreciation is highly important to them. The unwillingness to be derided is normal, all people want to be praised for their success; however, the extreme fear of being criticized is one sign of the self-doubt. People who suffer from that are often stressed. They do not feel confident and strong, which, as a result, prevents them from moving on and taking actions. To my mind, the source of that diffidence can be caused by some family issues, childhood trauma, incomprehension or indifference of the environment.
It is not easy to overcome that diffidence, but it is not impossible. First of all, you should strongly believe in yourself, your personal forces, skills and capacities; nevertheless, family support is in the second place, it is necessary, otherwise, you cannot feel any confidence in yourself. People around are not only for judging, they also can make you see your inwardness, your individuality, and your perspective.

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